Updates on Resolutions

One month after New Years Eve, here's how those New Years Resolutions are going.

1. Streamline. 

Update I did some major closet cleaning, and donated all the clothes I no longer wear.  Ideally I would like to be one of those people that could live out of a suitcase - a large suitcase.

 Monthly Project. Next Project: Reorganize Laptop Files.  


2. Limit Smart Phone Usage. 

Update I completely forgot this resolution.  Good thing there are another 11 months left in the year!  I'm going to start with avoiding smart phone usage after 10 pm.  The light from the screen can interfere with sleep, or so the research suggests.

Daily Objective + Monthly Project. First Project: No Phone After 10 PM. 


3. Wish everyone a happy birthday.

Update  I love this resolution.  I've gotten back in touch with some friends I haven't talked to in ages.  After wishing one friend a happy birthday, we ended up Skyping for the first time. It was one of the best conversations I've had in quite awhile.  As a bonus, we're scheduling more Skype sessions.  

Daily Objective.


Results from Resolution New Recipes

Results from Resolution New Recipes

4. Try a new recipe once a week (while I'm still at home). 

Update It's exciting to try new recipes, and I set aside some time on Fridays for ones that are a little more time consuming - the ones that take 30 minutes instead of 10.  Everything has turned out really well!  

List of Recipes Tried in January 2015:

Cheese Fondue, BangBang Shrimp, Baked Sweet Potato Fries, Salmon Bowl, Omelette, Meatball and Tortellini Soup, Tuna Melt, Muesli 

Weekly Objective.


5. Get on Pointe.  

Update I got my pointe shoes!  I should probably redefine this resolution as, "Dance on Pointe."    

Year-Long Objective. 


6. On-Demand Double Pirouettes.

Update I did a double pirouette and the instructor saw it.  It was a one-time event though.  Two minutes later I couldn't repeat my success.

Year-Long Objective.  


7. Eat sitting down, and without using a smart phone. 

Update I have a little more trouble with this one when I'm eating alone.  But I've found that if I plug my phone into the speakers and play some classy music during meals it creates a nice atmosphere.  It also makes it impossible for me to use my phone for anything else.

Daily Objective.


8. Not feel guilty about food.  

Update This one hasn't been a problem.  I can happily say that I can happily eat cake and ice cream without guilt.  I'm going to replace this resolution with the one below:

New 8. Keep a clean kitchen.

 A clean kitchen is beautiful, and it makes cooking a lot easier.  

Daily Objective.