New Years Resolutions

It's New Years Eve (day), and everyone else in the house is napping, which leaves me plenty of time to sit with my manatee-shaped tea infuser and think about the new, improved version of myself I would like to release for the coming year.  Here's what I've come up with so far:

1. Streamline.  I've recently started working on reducing clutter, but I think it should apply to more aspects of my life.  More specifically, using up what I own before buying more (insert any product I own).  I started with my (rather large) tea collection, keeping track of how many tea bags I used on a "punch card", and once I used 50 tea bags, I could buy a box that contained 15 bags.  Maybe my next item will be socks.  I really like socks and I have a lot of them...

2. Limit Smart Phone Usage.  It makes me squint and makes my hands cramp up.  It's usually the worst in the mornings, so I'm going to try putting my phone in another room.  Or maybe I'll try putting it in airplane mode before I go to sleep (unless I'm expecting a phone call in the morning).

3. Wish everyone a happy birthday.  One of my friends has the same birthday as me, and we have a few friends in common.  I remember thinking how petty it was when one of our mutual friends only wished one of us a happy birthday (and I wasn't the recipient).  To be fair, I've done this before too, when a close friend had a birthday on the same date as someone I didn't really know well at all.    But now it seems silly, and I think, perhaps unless you're some sort of mass-murderer psychopath, everyone is entitled to a nice birthday.  (I started this "project" the day after my birthday, and it's fun when someone you don't really know suddenly starts to "like" some of your statuses after you wish them a happy birthday).  

4. Try a new recipe once a week (while I'm still at home).  Because the only things I know how to make really well are granola and ganache.  The two don't necessarily constitute a well-balanced diet on their own.  First up: Cheese Fondue.


5. Get on Pointe.  I'm close, but I have to be consistent with stretches.

6. On-Demand Double Pirouettes.  It happened beautifully once, when no one was watching. Of course.  


7. Eat sitting down, and without using a smart phone.  It's hard to enjoy food while standing, and smart phones distract from the food and from company.  I can be the pioneer of my family.

8. Not feel guilty about food.  The idea for this one stems from one of my favorite studies.  Researchers asked Americans and French people about what associations they had with the word 'cake'.  Americans said "guilt", while the French said "celebration".  Food habits and attitudes is a complex issue, but when I do eat cake, which isn't often, I want to enjoy the experience.


I'll start with those.  I think it would be fun to have 15 resolutions for 2015, but starting that pattern may cause difficulties when it comes to be 2030, or 2057.